Why TOPlist profi?

Not estimating

We don't estimate, we don't sample. Each result is calculated from all available data.

Your users are yours

We do not track your users on other servers. We do not sell advertising to them.

Unlimited time

Data is retained for the entire Profi service period. Are you interested in traffic to one page 3 years ago? Just select the report.

We've been here for 20 years

The service is one of the oldest visitor measurement services. It was founded in 1997.


Remote support and direct development contact is available if needed.


The basic measured parameters were selected from the beginning according to international standards and therefore did not need to be changed during the whole time.


TOPlist is our main service. We do not operate content sites, a search engine or an advertising network.


We process over thirty billion records every year. We don't call it Big Data, we call it customer data.

TOPlist version comparison

service basic Profi
Hourly statistics 5 days (visits, hits, unique IP) unlimited (all data)
Daily statistics 5 days (visits, pageviews) unlimited (all data)
Daily stats   unlimited (all data)
Visitors' addresses 5 days unlimited
List of visits by level 2 domains 5 days unlimited
Detailed list of visits 5 days unlimited
Browsers 5 days unlimited
Operation systems 5 days unlimited
Entry pages 5 days unlimited
Referers (Referers) 5 days unlimited
Resolution 5 days unlimited
Color depth 5 days unlimited
2nd level domain referrers   unlimited
Number of hits per visit   unlimited
Last viewed pages   unlimited
Referrers by search engines   unlimited
Visitor journeys on the website   unlimited
Scheduled reports   unlimited (PDF, HTML, CSV)
Advanced filters (URL, referer, section)   yes
Access via password (into detailed statistics) yes yes
"Invisible" measuring dot yes yes
Non-public measurements (the page is not displayed in the lists)   yes
IP or IP group filtering (will not be in the statistics)   yes
REST API yes yes


If you are interested in the offer, just activate the service ...


... or log in if you already have a free account with the service.

TOPlist Profi price list

The price is calculated according to the average number of views per day as shown in the main listing. In addition, a discount is included in the payment per year (e.g. 16% for a volume of over 5001 hits per day).

Pageviews per day Total price for
6 months 12 months
less than 5000 N/A 50 EUR
5001 - 10 000 60 EUR 100 EUR
10 001 - 100 000 120 EUR 200 EUR
100 001 - 500 000 300 EUR 500 EUR
over 500 000 600 EUR 1 000 EUR
The price is the total price per period (6 or 12 months) without VAT.